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We build and track financial plans to respond to life’s changes.

You live life in motion: you are raising a family, excelling in your career, serving your community, and maybe jumping into a pick-up soccer game or two. While you are hustling through your days, your financial situation is fluctuating too. Dynamic lives need the confidence that comes from having a considered financial plan.

We get it. At Cook Legacy Advisors, we want to partner with clients to build financial plans that respond to life’s changes. With over 27 years of combined experience, we aim to help you monitor your money with assurance, so that you can do what’s most important: enjoying experiences, nurturing relationships, and making memories.

Teamwork Is Our Tradition

Teamwork Is Our Tradition

As a mother-and-son team, we relish working together to understand our clients’ complete financial pictures. At Cook Legacy Advisors, we collectively serve our clients at many stages in life. Bringing our own multigenerational perspective to bear, we seek to make financial planning an enduring legacy for your family.

Planners Who Are Your Partners

Planners Who Are Your Partners

We consider our clients to be team members: we strive to listen to our clients’ personal values, goals, and ambitions in developing efficient solutions for diverse scenarios. We aim to empower our clients with sound plans so that when life moves quickly, our clients can feel confident about their choices.

We Focus on Your Financial Wellness

We understand how easy it can be to let your finances remain out of sight, out of mind. We want to help you take your finances off the back-burner with our service-oriented approach. While you pursue what makes you happy, we work toward creating a financial plan that seeks to sustain your goals and ambitions.

  Work With Objective Professionals

We listen objectively to understand your financial scenario. A professional assessment of your personal financial picture can aid in building the confidence you and your family need to make assured financial decisions.

Simple, Thorough Problem-Solving

When your life gets more complicated, we aim to craft specialized solutions. From career changes to retirement planning to estate planning, we like to boil down intricate processes into clear, actionable to-do lists.

Optimize Your Benefits

Celebrate what you have accomplished by taking the best advantage of your hard-earned benefits. We can help you learn about and optimize benefits like your corporate retirement plan and employee stock options, so that your money can work as hard as you do.

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