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Retirement planning is important for working and retired individuals alike.

Whether you are still working, intending to retire soon, or already retired, retirement planning is an ongoing component of your holistic financial plan. With a speciality in retirement planning, Cook Legacy Advisors aims to prioritize your future with retirement plans that support your ambitions.

Income, Spending, and Distributions

Income, Spending, and Distributions

Retirement is a time for pursuing your passions and making memories.
We establish a clear picture of your income and expenses, so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

  • Creating a savings plan
  • Understanding account balances, current expenses, and required minimum distributions
  • Social Security
  • Tax strategy
Healthcare Coverage and Budgeting

Healthcare Coverage and Budgeting

Regardless of what stage of retirement you may currently be in, preparing for healthcare coverage and expenses is a critical part of retirement planning. Let us help you prepare for a healthy, active retirement.

  • Assisting with determining Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • Assessing private health plans
  • Budgeting for long-term healthcare savings
Planning for Your Priorities

Planning for Your Priorities

You may have left the workforce, but you don’t have to stop pursuing what’s important to you. With careful planning, a flourishing retirement can also include supporting the people, causes, and dreams that you care about.

  • Budgeting for special life events
  • Charitable giving and philanthropy
  • Reviewing and adjusting estate planning
  • Relocating and downsizing

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